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Scope of Digital Marketing 2017


Digital Marketing is a booming career option today in India. With striking features like cost-effectiveness, instant response, flexibility, convenience, effectiveness Digital Marketing is making a strong impact in the world of Marketing and Advertising. The future scope of the Digital Marketing industry is that there will be more points of contact.Digital Marketing Industry is worth $68 billion! Also, according to eMarketer, Last year, advertising via mobile phones and tablets rose 200 percent, to $6 billion. This market is estimated to touch $7.8 billion soon. This rise is leading for high demand for professionals skilled in Digital Marketing. Above 1.5 lack job opportunities in india. the year 2016 took the industry by surprise with over 1.5 lakh job opportunities in the Digital Marketing domain. Well, the following was a bigger surprise when only the first quarter of 2017 marked for 8 lakh job opportunities .

India is, now, not only the 2nd largest nation in terms of internet population but also the 2nd largest Facebook & YouTube user in the world. On an average, Indians spend almost 28hours a week online, which completely overshadowed Television. People have started spending more time on internet rather than watching TV. After the internet explosion, marketing strategy has taken an off route to reach out to the public. The tremendous growth of Digital Marketing cannot be equated up with any other traditional marketing strategy. At present, large population of India are not only aware of Internet but are employing it for various purposes in life.

With the advent of the Digital Marketing in India, lot new avenues of doing online business have opened up. According to ‘The Future of Internet in India’ report by Nasscom & Akamai Technologies, India will have around 700 million internet users by the end of 2017 that will ultimately create an overwhelming business opportunity to sell products & services to a growing tech-savvy population. Furthermore, successful dominance of Digital India campaign is also creating lots of newer avenues to the future of digital marketing in India. India’s advertisingmarket is projected to grow at a CAGR of 35% and reached Rs 7,055 by December, 2016.

According to the press release dated July 24, 2016 of PRSI, Kolkata Chapter, India has nearly 950 mobile subscribers and at least 50 million subscribers have internet enabled mobile phones. The mobile internet is another factor that is responsible for the growing Digital Marketing industry in India. Growing trend of startups is another reason that plays noteworthy role in creating a great scope of Digital Marketing in India. The most common problem that startups face is lack of funds and Digital Marketing can rescue them as the most cost-effective blessing in disguise. It is highly economical and equally powerful way of conversion-oriented marketing. All the Digital Marketing exercises can also be quantified through powerful Digital Marketing tools like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, etc. that make it one of the most result-oriented modes of marketing. Digital Marketing industry was booming high with 41% growth rate. And the most remarkable point is that this growth rate is not going to be stagnant in the coming years. Scope for digital marketers in India will only get bigger and better in the years to come

You can become a digital marketing expert without the need for courses and training programs. However you could feel that going through a proper digital marketing course or training program is better for you, you are right. A good training program will give you learning structure, mentorship and the opportunity to network with like-minded people. So if you want to attend a training program on digital marketing, you are welcome to Evedha Trainingistitutes


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